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Time domain Transfrom procedure

Question asked by sydmil on Nov 17, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2008 by dgun

I am using N5230C PNA with the Time Domain option to evaluate an impedance profile of my DUT. I base my procedure on the Agilent note detailed here: ... id=1294511

Initially, I had problems getting my starting point to start at exactly 100 Ohms (after applying the Equation Editor to normalize to 100 Ohms). I found out that using Gating fixes this problem – my reference line now starts at very close to 100 Ohms.
However, I am still no clear on whether I should start my Transform at some –ve point as in the Agilent document above (where the Transform start is at -400ps) or start at 0. What is the Agilent recommendation for the proper Transform procedure ?

Thanks !