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Save the measurement data continuously in VNA disk through Labview

Question asked by nancyfly on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by jvall
Hi Everyone,

I have questions with saving measured S11 parameters into the VNA disk.

Now I have a Labview program to control the VNA to implement the measurement and save the measured S11 parameters each 300 milliseconds.  For one single measurement, I use the "Read Data and Memory Array.VI"'and "Write to Spreadsheet.VI" to save the data and this is Ok, then I want to save the measurement data each 300 milliseconds and switch the "Write to Spreadsheet.VI" to "Write to Measurement File Express VI", but the problems occur. I can not open the series TDMS files and the error messages are "ERROR: TDS Exception in Initialize: Tds Error: TdsErrNotTdsFile(-2503)", does anyone have idea about this?
Also for each measurement and data save, it costs almost 1s to finish this while I want to decrease the time period to 150ms. I checked the time of each VI implementaion, it seems that the "Read Data and Memory Array.VI" consumes most of the time, I am wondering is there any other option to accomplish this. Thanks for any possible help.