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Req. Noise Figure Uncertainty on PNA-X with all differen methods of testing

Question asked by mirek on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by david_ballo

Can we get Noise Figure measurement uncertainty for PNA-X for all methods of measurement that this Network Analyzer can perform. 
There is a plot on KeySight web side that compare noise figure uncertainty for: Noise Figure Analyzer, difference Spectrum Analyzers and PNA-X vector cold source Noise Figure measurement. We need something similar just for PNA-X it self. 

The PNA-X have now so many variation in Noise Figure measurement ( vector, scalar, noise source , power meter, noise receiver, RX receiver ...) that it will be good to tabulate the advantages and disadvantages in terms of uncertainty, measurement speed and calibration time for each method.   

For example; If you have amp that have 6dB NF you probably do not need to run vector, just scalar is more then sufficient and probably faster.
I find out that if out if you use Noise Source instead of the new method with Power Meter, the calibration time is much shorter. It is better or not I have no Idea. 

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