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U1733C Accuracy

Question asked by Willco788 on Mar 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by tayezisk
I just purchased a U1733C LCR meter and for the most part. it works fine. However, I'm questioning the accuracy. It reads OK with electrolytic capacitors up to 1uF but with values higher than that, the accuracy degrades. A 470uF capacitor, for example, will read 445uF. I tested 10 samples and the all read less .5% tolerance of each other.   The meter settings are 100Hz, series capacitance and before I make the measurement, I calibrate the meter.

When I measured the same samples with a fluke 189, they all read within 475uF. Even my Fluke 16 and a Korean made CM-108 Protek Capacitance meter measured the samples within 1% of 475uF.  According to Keysight's specifications the meter accuracy is .5%.

Do I trust the Fluke measurements or Keysight?