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B2900 example program: Source constant voltage & measure V, I, R, Timestamp

Question asked by grant_suter Employee on Apr 15, 2015
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The attached Excel file contains a sample program that is intended to be used with 'Keysight Technologies B2900-series Benchtop Source Meters.

This sample program sources a constant voltage and then measures Voltage, Current, Resistance, and the time-stamp.  These values are returned from the instrument and parsed into the spreadsheet.  If you are not familiar with using Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to automate test equipment, the attached Word document provides instructions for getting started.  Even if you aren't using Excel VBA the sample program may still be of use as you can see the instrument commands that are used and the sequence that they are sent in.

The Keysight IO Libraries ( must also be installed.
Within Excel VBA you must also add in the needed References.
Within VBA please go to Tools->References and make sure you have added the following references
Agilent VISA COM Resource Manager 1.0
VISA COM 5.5 Type Library
(Note: these revision numbers may change with time)

Use Connection Expert, which is a utility within the Keysight IO Libraries, to get
the VISA address of your instrument.
In the code below find the line that starts with "Set instrument.IO".  'Within this
line is an instrument address inside the quotes.  Replace the address with that of
your instrument.

Keysight B2900 Series Benchtop Source Measure Unit Programmer’s Guide

Keysight B2900 Series Benchtop Source Measure Unit SCPI Command Reference

See additional comments in the code.

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