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E8363C PNA "Fatal Error Condition"

Question asked by GT32 on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by GT32
PNA Model E8363C; A.09.42.22; Options 010, 014, P02

Encounter the error message "The PNA has encountered a fatal error condition and is shutting down."

After closing this message box, a second box indicates an error log has been created "PNA exit log at..."

Seen both while manually operating the PNA and via remote SCPI control.

Keep periodically getting this error on our PNA and have not determined the specific cmd sequence that causes this condition.

Attached a couple of the error log files.
835x_D2015_4_10_T10_53_43_617 folder
* 835x.dmp
* 835x.xml
* NafiCrashLog.txt
* 835x.dmp
* 835x.xml
* NafiCrashLog.txt

Any help is appreciated.