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E8364C Receiver fail test during operators check

Question asked by eliecerf on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by eliecerf
I have a E8364C and I´m getting an error during the operator´s check, I have a 2.4mm short/open (85056A cal kit) connected directly to the port with no cables and I get an error on the receiver R2 test, is there any way to calibrate this by myself?

Operator´s check shows this error:  (R1 looks ok)

Beginning of Receivers test.
       R2 pk-pk level =  1.28 dB. 
       R2 Mean error =  .03 dB. 
===>>> Receiver B pk-pk level =  14.58 dB. 
===>>> Receiver B Mean error =  28.21 dB. 


Thanks in advance !