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MOM and Schematic not matching

Question asked by jnors on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by Falcon
Hello everyone,

I am using ADS 2012.08 and I am designing a Power Amplifier for 5.9 GHz. Regarding this situation I chose NPT2018 transistor and I'm using the ADS model provided by the manufacturer.

After doing the Impedance matching networks in schematic (using optimizations and goals) I am now trying to do the momentum simulation and the results have been catastrophic. I think I have considered the proper way of doing it, specially considering rough transitions.

Attached you can find the output schematic and layout versions. What is happening is that I lost all the gain (-20 dB right now) and efficiency, of course. In the Schematic version the Mgap was used just for layout purposes.

I would like to know what possibly I am doing wrong, since I've configured the substrate as well and I think I set the ports correctly (Ports1,2 and 3 are TML and the other ones are SMD because of the capacitor.

Thanks a lot everyone.