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Full Two Port SOLT calibration with 3.5mm 85033E calibration kit

Question asked by DHealy on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by daveb

I have a 3.5mm 85033E calibration kit with reflection standards only and I want to know the best method / approach to make an accurate Full 2-Port calibration. I will be using the E5071C (ENA) and the 85033D Cal Kit option to load the coefficients before calibration. The calibration will be done at the end of the RF test cables (both SMA-male) with the female standards. The DUT has SMA-female connectors so the RF cables will mate directly with the DUT after calibration.

I have a 3.5mm THRU female-female from an old Maury Microwave cal kit which I can use for the THRU during the SOLT calibration and remove it afterwards before making the measurement. However the S21 measurement has a lot of ripple which I believe is due to the adding the THRU into the calibration and removing it to make the measurement. I have read about different methods such as "Unknown THRU", "Adapter Swap" etc, but I am a bit confused about the best approach or do I even need to do it.

The 85033D cal coefficients THRU delay in the instrument is ZERO seconds, which I think means that a physical THRU is not expected to be connected during the calibration and instead the cables should be connected directly together with male and female connections.