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How do I enable Isolation calibration on a PNA-X using Smart Calibration?

Question asked by josiahb on May 18, 2015
I'm attempting to do a 4 port mixed connector cal through a somewhat poorly isolated fixture (-40db) with a custom cal kit for 2 of the ports and Ecal or mechanical cal kit for the other two. Only 2 ports are coupled, but I'm trying to get to measure a part that I expect to have around -35db isolation. I'd like to try to do an isolation calibration to see just how unstable it is (people claim you should never use isolation cal), since I don't need to disturb the cables or fixture to connect the DUT, but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to get the calibration wizard to actually do the isolation part of the calibration- the only place I can actually do it is in the unguided cal area, which is only for 2 ports. The PNA in question is an N5247A. I have both S parameter (databased) and polynomial constants for the cal kits. I'm trying to do a SOLT or SOLR cal. I can make thrus for any particular combo of ports. I tried to start by doing it with just all 1 type of connector but can't do that either!

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