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Command Expert with a non Keysight device

Question asked by gf on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2015 by gf
I am using Command Expert - which is an awesome application.
So far I've connected and programmed an infinivision oscope using Command Expert and Excel - which went very well.

I want to connect to a Hioki power meter. LAN interface, but responds to port 3300 and not 5024 / 5025. While unsuccessfully trying to connect to :3300, I received an error message: Did not find device at :5025.  I assume this is the problem.  It is, at least, a problem.

Can Command Expert talk to devices at other than port 5025? I assume that port numbers can be re-ported. I'll go down this path next. any insight? or war stories? better yet: success story?

Thank you