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how to handle nonprintable ascii characters in downloading user file data

Question asked by naveens on Apr 7, 2015
   I'm using ESG4438c vector signal generator. I have an user file of 37448 bits, which have to be modulated and the RF output of the signal generator has to be given it to my receiver unit, such that my device has to be evaluated by checking BER. So I want to download the user file data to the signal generator, which has to be modulated. I tried to download file using FTP and SCPI commands. I created an ascii file using windows text editor that containg my digital (binary) data and I have transferred the file using FTP. I have received the file at the signal generator but the file I have transferred and i received in the signal generator are fully different. the file size i transferred is 1kB and the file i received at the signal generator is of several mega bytes. 
then I tried to transfer the data using SCPI commands. I have generated the ascii characters corresponding to my data, but the data containg the nonprintable ascii characters also. I transferred the data using SCPI command, but the data i transferred and i received is different. How can i handle my data that containing nonprintable ascii characters? how signal generator predict these non printable ascii characters?
Please tell me how to create a file to tranfer using either FTP or the signal generator supports nonprintable ascii characters or not? how can i handle nonprintable ascii characters that occur in my user file? 
thanking you...