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Bit sequence of Xtlk_SingleEnded in ChannelSim

Question asked by luecha on Jan 19, 2016
Nowadays I am simulating eye-diagram simulation using ChannelSim in ADS.

With regarding to the Xtlk_SingleEnded model, I wonder what kind of algorithm is used when making random bit sequence of Xtlk.

The problem is that when I am simulating 2 Xtlk_SingleEnded models and 1 Tx_SingleEnded model, 
I cannot find the repeated bit sequence even though I increase the NumberOfBits to very big number.

Also, when I simulate ChannelSim with 2 Xtlk models, 1 Tx model with register length of 2, with the NumberOfBits of 128,
some of the bit sequence of 128 bit sequence doesn't show up.

In short, I'd like to know the algorithm used to make Xtlk's random signal, so that I can put the big enough NumberOfBits to cover all the possible bit sequences with regards to the bit sequence of Xtlk and Tx.

Thanks a lot.

Yeseul Jeon,