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HP 6629A CC Load Effect failures

Question asked by dmjohnston on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by PeterW
We've been seeing a lot of failures on the 6629A's CC Load Effect test. Is anyone else seeing this issue? We had been sending them to a vendor for repair and they were reporting no issues. Turns out that their MET/CAL procedure was poorly written so they didn't have the resolution to even see the tight specification (15 uA on these units).

We've been getting results that are usually less than 20 uA, but even the ones that pass are pretty close to the limit. I wrote the MET/CAL procedure we use, and we confirm the failures manually, and when we send them in to Keysight they end up confirming and repairing them. I'm just wondering if other people are seeing the same and perhaps its a widespread issue that needs to be addressed at a wider level.