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dc voltage auto range setting not working with 34980a as ivi-com dmm

Question asked by on May 28, 2015
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i want to use 34980a (with 34921a) as a IviDmm and IviSwtch compliant device for dc voltage measurement with Visual Studio 2010 and c#. 
But I cannot switch an autorange mode for this measurement. In the help file it is written that if i use a negative value for range in dmm.Configure() method, autorange mode would be switched on. That is not the case.

This is the code i use:

IIviSwtch swtch = (IIviSwtch)this.Config.DriverFactory.CreateDriver("Swtch1");
IIviDmm dmm = (IIviDmm)this.Config.DriverFactory.CreateDriver("Dmm2");
swtch.Initialize("Swtch1", true, false);
dmm.Initialize("Dmm2", true, false);
swtch.Channels.Item["slot3com1"].IsConfigurationChannel = true;
swtch.Path.Connect("3003", "abus1");
dmm.Configure(IviDmmFunctionEnum.IviDmmFunctionDCVolts, -1.0, -1.0);
double measurement = dmm.Measurement.Read(1000);

If DC voltage on channel 3 equals 2.69V, measurement is equal to 9.9e+37.
If i use as range parameter -100.0, i get correct result 2.69.

I checked, when i use 34980 specific driver, auto range mode for dc voltage works fine:

double[] measurement = new double[4];
Agilent34980A dmm = new Agilent34980A();
dmm.Initialize("TCPIP0::", true, false, "");
measurement = dmm.Voltage.DCVoltage.Measure("3003", -1.0, Agilent34980AResolutionEnum.Agilent34980AResolutionDefault);

Do i do something wrong, or is it a error in the driver? if it is a driver error, who should i contact? 
Thank you in advance for your help

Hardware used:
34980a with 34921a card installed in slot 3.

Software used:
IVI-Com drivers for 34980a, version
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, version 10.0.40219.1 SP1