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Install and run vee application

Question asked by ShmiloM on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by ShmiloM

My name is Moshe I'm Physics Lab. technical staff  at TA University.

I have a win XP system running a VEE application.
It has a PCI-GPIB card and 3 instruments connected :

2 DMM's hp34401
1 Power Supply AMREL PPS1203

My task for now is to setup a similar system.

I arranged another PC with a PCI-GPIB and a Power supply AMREL PPS1203  (for now)

Installed :
Agilent VEE Pro 7.0
Agilent IO Libraries Suite 15.5

I get errors when running the applications as the attached screen.

Also I looked into the Instrument Manager and I think I'm missing some driver, or an assignment of the driver to the instrument.

I'm not sure if the application was written under VEE Pro 7.0 since the working system has also HP VEE 4.0 installed.

Hope you can instruct how to procceed.

Thank You,