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N7786B via GPIB and/or python

Question asked by baier.hhi on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by mkelly
Hi all,

so I wanted to start using the N7786B via GPIB. For testing, I tried talking to it via the Agilent Connection Expert. I get the correct answer to "*IDN?":
+Agilent Technologies N7786B;......+
However, for all other queries that are mentioned in the manual I only get
which, according to the manual, means "Undefined function".

Interestingly, when talking to the device via pyvisa (1.6.2 with python 2.7.6), I even get *3 as an answer to *IDN?. Also, I cannot use the PyPolNav.dll that is provided, since you cannot directly import dlls in python (at least not without ctypes or similiar).

When using the Polarization Navigator Software via USB, everything works flawlessly. Note that I disconnected USB when testing GPIB.

Any help would be highly appreciated!