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53151A GPIB Address will not stay set when power cycled

Question asked by rmax on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by rmax
I have an HP 53151A Opt-001 that I use on a regular basis over the GPIB in Fluke MetCal calibration procedures. This instrument is configured within the software for address 11. My problem with it is that no matter what I try, when the power is cycled the GPIB address always defaults back to 19 forcing me to have to remember to manually set the address back to 11 prior to each first use of the day. This instrument is rarely unplugged just left in standby when not in use. I have this item covered under an extended warranty plan with Keysight and it was recently repaired due to a faulty 10 MHz Internal time base. The Main Board w/oven P/N 53150-60011 was replaced. Regardless of the repair this instrument had the same issue prior to that repair taking place. I'm wondering if I am missing something somewhere on the correct method of setting and saving the GPIB address. I use upwards of 25 standards in the lab here over the GPIB at various times as well as many UUT's and this is the only instrument that I have ever had this problem with. Does anyone have any ideas as to why the GPIB address will not stay as set upon cycling the power? 
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