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HWAuxIO (Auxiliary IO Connector)

Question asked by andeezlemoyo on May 20, 2015
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Hi All,

This is from the PNA documentation, under material handler I/O, to which the AuxIO documentation on Port C refers.  I am really only interested in the Aux IO connector, right now I have to need for the material handler I/O.
Input/Output Ports C and D
These two general purpose 4-bit Input/Output ports are used to write data (Output) or read data (Input). These lines could be used to write to an external device such as a step attenuator. 

When any line changes state, all output lines are *latched to the I/O connector* as the Output Write Strobe goes Low.

What is meant by *latched to the I/O connector* ?  I think I found the answer, does it simply mean shared with the Aux I/O connector?

Please advise, I am thinking of using Port C of the Aux IO connector to control a switch using TTL logic, I have 3 questions,

Q1. When I write data to Port C, will the state hold until I change it?  

Q2. What is the output voltage on the pins of Port C, +5V ?

Q3. What is the current rating of the pins of Port C, 10 mA?

Thank you,


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