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turning off ARB before writing and selecting new waveform data?

Question asked by metadata on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by thysell

I am learning how to program the dual ARB waveform generator for the E8267D vector signal generator and have a question about whether it is necessary to turn off the waveform generator before changing waveforms.  I have some old Matlab code that appears to be from Agilent: "PSG/ESG Download Assistant, Version 2.0", "agt_waveformload.m".  This function turns off the waveform generator (RAD:ARB:STATE OFF) before writing and selecting a new waveform file to the signal generator.  The program also contains the comment: "% Turn off the ARB so we don't damage it".  My question is whether it is really necessary to turn of the ARB each time you change waveforms in order not to "damage it".  It surprises me that this would be necessary.

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