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Sleeping thread, execute other code while read .ReadMultiPoint() works C

Question asked by WGS_Tester on Jan 6, 2016
Im attempting to run some other code, to trigger and another VISA instrument, while waiting for the IVI method ReadMutliPoint() returns  the data. The code successfully configured a 34401A for External Trigger for the input number of Trigger Counts, and the meter does trigger and return results properly when a trigger voltages are received on the Ext trigger input.   The problem is that I want to start start the ReadMultipoint(timeout, dataArray), then go send a Software trigger to another device. I cannot figure how to do this as the Code waits for ReadMultipoint() to complete prior to executing the trigger command. This is all in C#. 

Any advice tips. 
The basic flow of the code is to:
1) Open the 34401a and other Visa instruction (ESG source)
2) Configure the 34401a (this works) SCPI Used. 
3) Call the ReadMultipoint(). Basically does and INIT to put in Waiting for Trigger.
4) Sent Trigger to other VISA  (Cant do this part). 
5) ReadMultipoint() does its job and returns a filled around with TRIG:COUN N measurements

Here is the open and configure SCPI in C#
                 Ivi.Visa.Interop.IFormattedIO488 outVal;
                outVal = _DMM.System.IO;
                outVal.WriteString("CONF:VOLT:DC 10, 0.01");
                outVal.WriteString("TRIG:SOUR EXT");     
                outVal.WriteString("TRIG:COUN " + tb_TriggerCount.Text);
                outVal.WriteString("SAMP:COUN 1");

              //Now send the ReadMultiPoint();
              _DMM.Measurement.ReadMultiPoint(5000,ref DCVoltPoints);
              // now send software trigger to intiate power sweep on ESG
              // This never happens as ReadMultiPoint() is waiting to complete so it Bombs out (timesout)

             // Now loop thru array and display results as needed. 

Any guidance is appreciated. 


Here what hangs. Is a sleep or Multi Thread trick required> THANKS?