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Question asked by mariya001 on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2015 by mariya001
Hello, Can anyone from agilent help me in clearing the confusion regarding the use of 85071E material measurement software using the waveguide setup. In the measurement setup, the 4th option ( Poly Fit ) in the measurement models states that the position of the sample should be exactly known. There is a provision of providing distance of the sample from the first port of calibration, if it is not placed exactly at the calibration plane. But what about distance of the sample from the port 2? If the sample thickness is same as that of 1/4 lambda shim then the sample is placed exactly at the calibration planes from both ports. What if the sample thickness is smaller than the shim or the sample holder how we cater that in 85071E software. 

Also how to we determine that the time domain gating doesnot remove responses from the material under test and only removes responses from the system.