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material measurement

Question asked by mariya001 on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by daras
Hello, I am using N5242A PNA-X with 001 option for material measurement with waveguide calibration kit.(X11644A ) using smart cal kit option for NA. I need to ask
1.  While performing waveguide calibration, should i connect the 1/4 lambda shim for the through( defined thru) calibration or not. The delay for the standard defined thru option that come on PNA screen is ( 0mm /  0sec). If I add the shim for the thru calibration then should i change/add the value of the delay in the cal kit standards. 
2. If shim is added for thru calibration, then what would be the sample holder length in the 85071E material measurement software.