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How can I calculate the average value of an envelope in Ptolemy?

Question asked by AMPARO on Jul 23, 2015
Good morning,

I am using the signal from a 3GPPFDD_UL_Source as input. I modulate the signal in RF and the use the DetectorRF to obtain the envelope of the signal. I would like to calculate the average value of this signal in the schematic (I alredy did it in the data display with an equation and the "mean" function.

But in the schematic, if I convert my modulated signal into float and then use the block "Average", the result is not correct as I obtain a different value for each index, instead of the same value (the average) for all of them.

I don't know what I am doing this the way to calculate it?, is there a different way, for example in the time domain?.

Thanks in advance.