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Setup high power(up to 60W) PNA

Question asked by thangyw on Feb 6, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2006 by Dr_joel
I want to setup a calcart using PNA to have capability up to 60W of test port power from PNA.
There are several consideration that I am seeking advise:
1. What setup is needed for a 60W PNA?
- I have thought through and probably I will some accessories to allow PNA to operate up to 60W via the configurable testset option.
2. What heat sink consideration?
- Attenuator with heat sink as possible device to help dissipate heat.
3. What kind of protection is needed for the PNA?
- Isolator.
4. What kind of cal kit can handle 60W power?
5. Health Consideration for operator?

I know there are several topics for discussion but there may be someone who has readily available solution to share.  Appreciate the sharing.