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Direct I/O with third party serial instrument

Question asked by SIGGENMAD on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Mike

I am currently trying to communicate with a third party instrument via direct I/O in Vee.
It is connected to the PC with a rs485 to USB cable and comes with two commands;


Bus Parameters are:
- 9600 baud
- 8 bit
- 1 stop bit
- no parity
All send commands have to be terminated by CR

The above settings are set in the advanced instruments properties tab, (See attached pictures). I am unsure on the handshaking requirements, the manual does not mention it but in a COMtest program provided by the manufacturer the none option selected in there test GUI.

I tried sending the instrument write text commands (see attached pictures) but nothing seems to happen.
I have tried sending it in STR and QSTR formats etc

Is there something I am doing wrong or any suggestions on what I can try next
Any help would be much appreciated

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