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54825A self-calibration failure after software reinstall

Question asked by lv26 on Aug 2, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by algoss
We have a used 54825A oscilloscope and device work very well last two year.
(We haven`t VIN and S/N number, SW version A.04.30, but oscilloscope based on AMI Series 757 Atlas PCI-III MoBo)
But two week ago we found lot of HDD failure. We replace HDD with new one, reinstall oscilloscope software A.03.50 (play with that about 3 days).
No way (IMHO) for update/reinstall for newer version (but that is other story)

Now oscilloscope stars OK, scope SW run, BUT I can`t perform calibration.
All 4 channels failure with calibration, only Aux Out ---- Aux Trig In done normally.
We use two known good 50 Ohm BNC cables.
What can cause such problem? What steps must be performed for successful calibration after SW reinstall?
May be some magic buttons? I follow Service Manuals strictly, but no success.
I think all HW work fine (because oscilloscope was in full functional condition before SW reinstall)

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