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PYVISA: Problems writing IQ Data to MXG N5182B

Question asked by problemMeas on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by marwen
I am trying to transfer a 2-ton signal to the MXG and play the signal. If the signal is transfered using the write_binary_values() command the signal has a increased noise floor and is distorted.

Command to transfer signal:

cmd = ':MEM:DATA \"WFM1:iq_wave\\\",#'+str(len(s))+s
mxg.write_binary_values(cmd, iqbuffer, datatype = 'h', is_big_endian=False)

If the signal file is transfered via ftp the signal looks like I expected it.

Could somebody tell me where the problem is?

I attached the used program script.