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Testing 75ohm device with 50 ohm analyzer

Question asked by sn_lee on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by mirek

I need to test a minimum loss pad. I use to perform an adapter removal with my NA then measure the S-parameter of the adapter. I will set the Z0 of NA to 50 ohm because all my cables are in 50ohm, but I have a 75ohm calibration kits. However, I have a question now, should I change Z0 to 75 ohm when I look at the smith chart of the 75 ohm port? Is my calibration still valid if i change the Z0 after cal?

I read this app note from R&S, seems like they can show smith chart in different Z0. (page 9)
I think their UOSM is similar to Keysight Unknow Thru Cal, can Keysight NA do this?

I have N5242A and E5071C. Which NA able to do that?

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