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Replacement U1604B (from U1604A) missing logger save feature missing

Question asked by austriacus on Nov 17, 2015
I had a trustee U1604A handheld Oscilloscope when updated to the new firmware it locked up. I sent the old scope in to have it replaced and received a U1604B S/N: MY55211002 replacement. The replacement model didn't come with the USB port to attach a memory stick. Which was also not present on my old U1604A, but the U1604B is now missing the ability to store the logger information to the internal memory. Anyone can provide some assistance on how to make the logger function work?

The old U1604A didn't have the USB port either but you could store the logger information similar as the waveform information on the internal memory and retrieve it when you connect to the PC.

Now the logger function is useless.

thanks Christian