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Sony USB flash drive not recognized at front panel of PNA

Question asked by deninnh on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by deninnh
My recently acquired E8357A has been a joy to use and has recognized a variety of USB flash drives to date.  It has a 500MHz CPU and Windows XP with SP3 installed.  (was SP2 and SP3 did not affect the issue below)

Recent Sony USB flash drives (8GB "Microvault" series) are not recognized at the front panel USB port though.  They are recognized at the rear port AND, are recognized at the front port if I go through a hub.

The front panel port appears to be on an internal hub with (HP) VID/PID 0x03f0 / 0x0001.  I attempted to update the driver and pointed it to an "Agilent Front Panel Hub" but this did not behave any differently.  It also changed back to Generic USB Hub when I let it "search for a better driver".

Is there by chance an updated driver for the hub that improves its recognition of flash drives or a change that can be made to the appropriate .inf file?

update - it seems that about 70% of flash drives that I have on hand work and the others are not seen, not even by the device manager.  The physical contacts on the front USB port look good and the drives that work respond quickly and reliably.  All drives in question are recognized on an XP desktop.