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Error after exporting :csv data - N6705B - Keysight Driver/SCPI

Question asked by ausu on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by MattC
I have an issue when exporting a datalog on the N6705B. I am using the AgilentN67xx version IVI driver from Keysight to control the instrument remotely. To access the driver I am using ctypes to access the IVI-C part of the driver.

This is what I try to do in general steps. They are mostly successful, except for one detail:
- Initialize connection: OK
- Configure voltage/current for output channel 1: OK
- Configure datalog sample interval and duration: OK
- Initialize datalog: OK
- Trigger datalog: OK
- Stop datalog: OK
- Export datalog data to .csv and read the file from instrument: ERROR
- Close, etc

I check for errors after each call to a driver function. The instrument returns no errors until after I call the driver function AgN67xx_ExportDlog to export the datalog (this function sends MMEMory:EXPort:DLOG). After this function call, any other function call will generate the instrument error -420: Query UNTERMINATED. I am guessing that the export function doesn't finished completely. However, this does not seem to affect the operation of the driver: I am still able to read the file from the instrument.

Another note, this error only occurs for somewhat large files, some hundreds of kilobytes or larger.

I have attached a complete overview of the function calls that lead to the error, with comments and parameters to further explain what I am doing.