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8592A callibration problems

Question asked by PA0ALV on Oct 30, 2015
Hi users,
This problem occurs:
With "CAL" correct "ON" the attenuator steps ware not correct e.g. 
70 dB display line 8 top craticule 
60 dB display line 7
50 dB display line 6
40 dB display line 5
30 dB display line 6
20 dB display line 3
10 dB display line 2
  0 dB display line 1 
It went wrong between 20/ 30 dB.
Following crt info during callibration I see changing nivo's from -18 dB and -8dB but coming to step 20- 30 dB it went wrong faulty step ? ?
This fault causes a "linear detector failed" also.
With "CAL" correct "OFF" the attenuator steps and display line are correct, and obvious 
"CAL" Ampl can not performed. Is this a problem of a defective EEPROM (s) or wrong commando's from the A16 processor board ?
Also according to the supportmanual to set the mixer bias DAC value wont work .
"SET_NUMBER" will set de new DAC value ( controlled by "READ_NUMBR") but the mixer bias voltage on A7 J-3 do not change and the faillure 1330000000000 or 1320000000000 were showed on the CRT. resp. Faillure EVEN or ODD EEPROM.
Does "INIT EEPROM" ment, initialize, so clear the eeproms ?
How can I solve this problem ???