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BanchVue - update over internet

Question asked by mirek on Oct 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by w0dz
I am trying to connect PNA-X and I getting message that I need to download upgrade BenchVue Network Analyzer. 
I am getting message that I need proper connection to Internet... Well I am connected to internet. What is the problem.
I even download the BenchVue Network Analyzer from your website and instal it, but it did exactly what the first installation did. 
Look like both installation are the same.
During second installation it ask me if I like to install Benchlink Waveform and it did, I think that it also download some component from internet.
So now I am not sure what the  problem with "proper Internet connection" is. Could be the company firewall? or Antivirus?

Any solution?