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IM Spectrum Application

Question asked by j_williston on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by j_williston
We are testing mxn spurs for a mixer using the IM Spectrum class.  We are using the standard instead of the mixer application.  The application is using a linear sweep and  the instrument state is setup using software.  The second source is being turned off as it is not wanted for this.  For calibration we are using a power meter to get the scalar offset between the R1 receiver and the cable end and recording the offset.  For the B receiver we inject a known tone power level (-10dBm) for each frequency and measure to offset to the B receiver.

When we correlate to a spectrum analyzer we notice on the higher reference tone (around 0 dBm) we can have up to 0.5 dB difference between them.  On the spur measurement it tracks pretty well to within 3 db.  My question is how accurate is the absolute scalar measurement in relation to a E4440 spectrum analyzer?  Is there a way to improve this measurement if we compensate for match?