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Keysight 34972A with BenchVue Alarm Issues

Question asked by rodtheintern on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by w0dz
I am running the DAQ App of BenchVue with your 34972A product. Unfortunately, I am having issues with my alarm light indicators of computed channels in BenchVue. For example, a High/Low alarm is set up for  channel 101, and then channel 901 is created by adding the constant 0 to channel 101, essentially duplicating channel 101. With the exact same High/Low alarm set up on channel 901 as is on 101, I created a alarm light indicator in the graphical setup window. 

Interestingly, these lights do not illuminate the same color at the same measured value. I have noticed that the original measurement channel 101 works as designed, however, channel 901 displays a LOW ALARM light as long as the measured value is below the HIGH ALARM limit. Once the value hits the HIGH ALARM limit, the light switches to the HIGH ALARM color. Never in the appropriate measurement range does the NO ALARM light illuminate. 

Please help