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Signal Generator Remote Amplitude Display

Question asked by SIGGENMAD on May 14, 2015
Im currently developing a signal Generator Frequency and Power List using Vee and Command Expert, the lists load into the generator when the code is run but only the frequency will turn on and you have to manually yourself turn on the amplitude. In Command Expert I am using IVI-C commands

Step     Instrument     Code     Results
"2"     "N5171B"     "N5171B.CreateFrequencyPowerList(""Test list"", Length, Frequency, Power);"     ""
"3"     "N5171B"     "N5171B.GetAttributeViBoolean(null, AgRfSigGen.GetAttributeViBoolean.AGRFSIGGEN_ATTR_AM_ENABLED, out AttributeValue);"     ""
"4"     "N5171B"     "N5171B.SetAttributeViReal64(null, AgRfSigGen.SetAttributeViReal64.AGRFSIGGEN_ATTR_AM_DEPTH, 80);"     ""
"5"     "N5171B"     "N5171B.SetAttributeViInt32(null, AgRfSigGen.SetAttributeViInt32.AGRFSIGGEN_ATTR_SWEEP_TRIGGER_SOURCE, 0);"     ""
"6"     "N5171B"     "N5171B.SetAttributeViBoolean(null, AgRfSigGen.SetAttributeViBoolean.AGRFSIGGEN_ATTR_ALC_ENABLED, true);"     ""
"7"     "N5171B"     "N5171B.ConfigureAMEnabled(true);"     ""
"8"     "N5171B"     "N5171B.ConfigureListDwell(false, Dwell);"     ""

here is the code, is there command to turn on amplitude or is this some kind of safety feature on the signal that can be set otherwise???