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Agilent 34970A and Windows 10

Question asked by curroplaza on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by curroplaza
First of all, thank you so much for the help I have got from this forum. You deserve the best!

I am working in a rebuilt project of a performance test platform for solar collectors, and there was an  old Agilent 34970A datalogger installed for this purpose. The main issue is that this system was thought for working some years ago, and by now, all the laptops we own don´t have RS232 port, and we need to work outdoor and strictly use a laptop.

I have been fighting with the datalogger and it works very good, but I have the obvious problem in the remaining step: the Agilent Benchlink doesn´t recognize the datalogger. I am using the RS232 original cable connected from the datalogger to two Hama RS232 cables: one of them for changing the end of the original RS232 cable from female to male and the other for changing from RS232 9 pins to USB. I have also tried to change from RS232 to LAN with the  Lindy RS232 extender over cat.5 but this doesn´t matter. (I have installed the IOLibSuite_17_1_20011 from the Keysight_Instrument_Control_Bundle_1.2016)

I need to work with Microsoft Excel with all the measurements and I can´t take more time fighting with this problem, so once I have read some of the forum topics similar to my problem, I ask: There is any real possibility for connecting the 34970A to a Window 10 laptop, or do you recommend to find a 50$ old laptop and install Windows 95 and use it directly with the RS232 serial port?

Maybe the problem comes beacuse the Hama RS232 cables that I am using change any of the 9 pin, so I ask if there is an official RS232 to USB cable from Agilent or any other fast help.

Best regards!