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E5071C "Digital control section assembly" burnt after a power blackout

Question asked by on Feb 3, 2016
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We purchased an E5071C-2K5 ENA (2-port, 300 kHz–20 GHz) in 2011. It got broken a week ago after a power blackout of our lab building. Its fan span for only a few seconds every time when we tried to reboot it. The screen did not lit up at all. Nothing seemed to work (but the fan).

Keysight Taiwan gave us a repair quotation after their technicians examined it - the price was 300,000 TWD (about 9,000 USD), way much higher than I expected. The report said the broken part was its "digital control section assembly", but this part had been discontinued since 2014. Therefore, they would need to upgrade this "digital control section assembly" to a new version, along with all the other parts connecting to it. That's why the repair cost was so high.

I was wondering if it's possible at all for me to find an old version of this "digital control section assembly" which is compatible with our machine. I was surprised that the parts got discontinued so soon and that I had to pay a high price due to it.

The fuse failed to protect the machine from the possible pulse due to the blackout. (The fuse did not burnt out.) I wonder what I can do (economically) to protect the machine in the future.