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Programmable Multi-output power supply

Question asked by bermejales on Aug 3, 2015
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my company (focused on printers and plotters research) is joining a R+d project in which we will need a programmable power module with the following requirements:

- 10 to 12 power outputs to feed several modules.
- Software programmable to control the power behaviour.
- Voltage conmmutation configurable (dV/dt)
- Current limitation via software
- Output/input overvoltage and undervoltage protection
- Power output adjustable in steps of 50mV, range 32V-52V

This power module should be placed in a rack and connected via LAN or similar to an industrial PC, an UPS, etc...

do you have such a power module or any kind of solution in your current catalogue that could provide this functionality? 

If not, may you recommend me any other  specific architecture (commutation matrix, pci modules, pxi.. etc..) that could fit?

Thanks in advance and feel free to ask me for any detail.