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Is there any standard file format for saving data from LCR meters?

Question asked by drkirkby on Aug 3, 2015
OK, I know a LCR meter is not a microwave or RF network analyzer, but there is no better forum, and Keysight have advised me to ask LCR meter related questions in this forum, since there's no forum for LCR meters. 

The Touchstone format is pretty common for saving S-parameters from VNAs, but is there any industry standard file format for LCR meters? If so, what is it? In principle a Touchstone .s1p file should be usable, but in practice I found that this was not such a good idea. 

I wrote some GPIB code to save a Touchstone file from an HP 4284A LCR meter (see attached file). The *"option line*", as it is called in the Touchstone specification, was
\\# Hz Z RI R 1

I'm pretty sure the attached file is a valid Touchstone file, and it is in an "obvious" format from the LCR meter - the impedance as R + jX. I normalized to 1 Ohm. But I had to try 3 bits of software that read Touchstone files before I found something able to read the file, and that software (Sonnet) was not something I really want to use. One said the file was invalid, with no explanation why, and another said it only supported 50 Ohm S-parameter files in magnitude/angle format. Sure I could write the file in the common magnitude angle format of S-parameters, but it is a lot of fussing around. 

I was basically looking to try to create an equivalent circuit for the loop antenna. I suspect something like ADS could do it, but I can't afford to buy that. So is there any sort of standard format for saving data from LCR meters, which could hopefully be read by software I could get without having to mortgage my house?