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Menu Suggestion for DSOX3000 family

Question asked by pgo on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2016 by pgo
I was looking for a suggestion 'box' for the --Agilent-- Keysight oscilloscopes but couldn't find one so I'll post here.

I find that quite often when changing trigger options on the *Trigger Menu* it is convenient to temporarily swap the trigger *Mode* between *auto/normal*.
This allows the waveform to be seen and makes adjustment easier. This assumes, of course, that I usually have the DSO in *Normal* mode otherwise it's moot.
To do this involves changing to a different menu and then returning to the *Trigger* menu to make the adjustment.

The trigger menu has only three options - It would be possible to duplicate a few of the Mode menu options on the Trigger menu. I would suggest *Mode* and *Coupling*.

Anyway that's the suggestion.

I would appreciate comments on whether it's a good idea and how to "officially" suggest it.