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Extracting equations from circuits

Question asked by ren_zokuken01 on Mar 17, 2016
Say one has a complete circuit, is there a method in ADS to extract the equations (*NOT* just an equation of a certain device or a node of it)? Say to pure equations or in AEL or any programming language?

The problem that I have, in particular, is that I'm trying unconventional BJT configurations that relies on specific recombination current behaviours and some reverse mode operation (for much lower current gains). So I need to find the configuration that least depends on certain parameters (or combinations of them) that are are too hard to come by or are causing the whole configuration large delays.

Also, I know that for SPICE models, giving some particular values for a set of parameters cancels out the entire use of another set of parameters. So, I'd appreciate those parameters that get cancelled out for an actual part remained cancelled out for the extracted equation

So is there a way? What other options do I have?

Please don't tell me to learn about purely mathematical analysis of "Carrier Generation and Recombination" as I tried doing purely mathematical analysis -- that didn't lead me all that far; nor studying the whole physics of it.

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