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Calibration changing measurement parameters?

Question asked by bbrubaker on Mar 16, 2016

I'm using a Keysight E5071C VNA to make S_21 measurements of a chain involving amplifiers, isolators, etc., such that no meaningful information is obtained from S_12 measurements.

When the VNA is uncalibrated, this is straightforward. But when correction is on, when I tell the VNA to measure S_21, it always takes two sweeps per trigger -- first S_21, then S_12, with all other parameters the same. This is true whether I use S_21 Thru calibration or full 2-port calibration (with an N4691B ECAL in both cases).

Is there any way to prevent the VNA from measuring this totally unnecessary information when it is calibrated? I can't find anything about it in the manual but I feel like I must be missing something.