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Internal vs External 10 MHz reference

Question asked by rodsd on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by EricBaker

Please I would like to understand how does the switching of the external to internal 10 MHz reference works in a E4438C equipment.

We have some test stations with a E4438C signal generator and a N9020A MXA. We use a 10 MHz reference signal generated by a GPS receiver. We feed the ESG "10 MHz Input" with that signal and then connect its "10 MHz Output" to the MXA's "Ext Ref In" input.

When we have a drop in the reference signal from the GPS receiver, will the ESG automatically switch to the internal reference and then feed the MXA with it? So that they at least are running in the same time base? Would that be the advantage of using this configuration (daisy chain) instead of using independent cables coming from the GPS receiver or a T connector splitting the same signal bewteen the two equipment?

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