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8590A Calibration Issue

Question asked by adamcb on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by PA0ALV
I have an 8590A and it didn't have the calibration numbers in for the 20-db attenuator flatness or the flatness calibration data.  I manually entered this with just zeros to get the acquisition to display properly.  However now I am not able to perform calibration as it reports no calibration signal.  

Looking through the manual downloaded from Artekmedia under "Generating New Calibration Data" that "This section of this chapter is supplied in the accompanying change sheet."  Unfortunately I don't have this change sheet nor am I able to find it anywhere.  By any chance does anyone happen to have this change sheet or could tell me how to generate the proper attenuator and flatness calibrations?  

Hopefully entering proper calibration data would allow it to properly detect the calibration signal.  I have connected it to my oscilloscope so there is a calibration signal being generated.