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How to not recorrect already corrected Cal Pods?

Question asked by WDrago on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by WDrago

I am using  PNA-X with CalPods connected through a multiport test set.

After recalling a .csa file to configure the PNA, I send out a CALPod:ENABle , for Port1 and Port 2 followed by CALPod:RECorrect:ACTive which recorrects both CalPods Like this:

Recall  .csa file

CALPod:ENABle <1>,

CALPod:ENABle <2>,

CALPod:RECorrect:ACTive //This should recorrect both CalPods

When I load the next .csa file the CalPod on Port1 has not changed, but the CalPod on Port 2 has. To avoid wasting time recorrecting the CalPod on Port 1 would the following be correct?

Recall the next .csa file (the CalPod on Port 1 stays the same, Port 2 changes)

CALPod:ENABle <2>,

CALPod:RECorrect:ACTive  //This line should only recorrect the CalPod on Port 2, correct?

CALPod:ENABle <1>,

At this point both CalPods should be enabled, recorrected, and ready for use.

Is all of this correct? This is my first time working with CalPods, so I'm not really sure of what i'm doing yet.