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Command expert simulation mode

Question asked by yurik2015 on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by algoss
1. I simulated instrument with help of Command Expert: 

Start code(C#):

string commandString = "ewf*ewefRST";
string ReturnValue = "default";
using Agilent.CommandExpert.ScpiNet.AgScopeDSO;
AgScopeDSO N67002 = new AgScopeDSO("");

End code(C#);

2. Simulation is needed for checking commands that I send to this simulated instrument:

Start code(C#):
    N67002.Transport.Query.Invoke("*myQuery?", out ReturnValue);
End code(C#);

I supposed to get error when I pass NOT CORRECT command to this simulated instrument does not matter if it is 
query or command, but it does not show any ERROR if I pass command or any STRING ...


0.     Was my simulated mode defined correctly?

1.     Is simulated instrument should to behavior like a real instrument, e.g. to return some default value?
Now I do not see that it returns anything… I sent *IDN? And got empty string

2.     Why simulated instrument accepts wrong commands and not throws exception or warning?
I sent to him “gibberish” and it accepted it …

3.     If I defined it well why Simulation mode does not do anything?

Thank you, Yuri