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Design Sequencer and DAC components -- Block Names changing in dataset?

Question asked by jwh on Oct 31, 2015
I have been trying to use a Design Sequencer to run two test benches, utilizing some calculated parameters from the first to generate component values in the second. 

The first test bench is a harmonic balance simulation, from which I calculate a number of values using a MeasEqn block. Additionally, I add these variable names as outputs in the HB simulation. 

The second test bench contains a number of DAC components and associated variables that are used to calculate component values in a transient simulation (i.e. B1=file{DAC_B1, "B1"} to retrieve "B1" from the dataset after it is generated in the first test bench). 

The core of the issue is that I will routinely encounter issues running the sequencer that I've been able to trace down to the fact that the Block Name for the individual variable of interest changes from time-to-time. For example, I was able to run the sequencer (i.e. the HB followed by the transient test benches) with no issues using the Block Name "aele_21.Sequencer1.X1Sweep1.X1.HB1". I changed a single parameter in the HB simulation and re-ran the simulations and received an error that I was able to trace to the same DAC (actually _ALL_ the DAC components in the transient simulation). In the specific case of the B1 variable I've been describing, the issue is that the block name would now have to be changed to "aele_18.Sequencer1.X1Sweep1.X1.HB1" -- that is, just the sequence of the block names have changed. 

The order appears random, the points at which the simulation changes the order of these block names seems random, and as I said, it affects all my DAC components.