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N6705B - Measurement using GPIB + Labview

Question asked by guideo on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by guideo

I am currently trying to build a LabVIEW VI which will measure the current from the Power Source through GPIB connection. I am already able to do that, but for some reason, I believe that the way that I am currently doing is losing a few points every once in a while.

It should be showing a small peak each 1.28 seconds, and the peak only lasts for 10ms. These peaks are showing, but sometimes they are further appart (multiples of 1,28) or they are skipped (there is a gap in the waveform). If I perform the measure using the Agilent software, it shows all the peaks.

I believe that this is happening because I am asking for the information from the PSU and it takes a while to respond. This "delay" could be the cause for losing the peaks.

Also, a few not-so-much related questions:
    * Is there a way to perform a measure through SCPI commands and export it in .CSV to my local computer?
    * Is there a way to convert .dlog to .tdms or .csv automatically?